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Friday 17 November 2017
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Homelessness facts and figures

Homelessness – understanding the statistics

The background

Explaining the world of homelessness to supporters, funders and friends is an important task for everybody working with homeless people and there are two frequently asked questions which, understandably, arise time after time. These are:

a) What are the reasons for people becoming homeless?

b) How many homeless people are there?

The attached document covers the second of these questions. We have all taken part in confusing conversations about homelessness statistics. Measuring the size of the problem is not a simple exercise and the different figures referred to can often lead to the listener feeling baffled and bewildered. Hopefully the attached article goes some way to clarifying the figures that are frequently used, as well as illuminating the ones that are rarely mentioned.


Homelessness Facts and Figures - Oct 2017
Homelessness Facts and Figures - Oct 2017 - [3.22 MB] Click to download