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Monday 20 November 2017
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Red Nose Day and Comic Relief helping raise the issue of homelessness in London

24 March 2017


Red Nose Day 2

Reporter Jonathan Pie may not have been able to go to Africa, but he did get to come to sun-kissed south London, where he was put straight on the realities of rough sleeping by ‘mouthy’ Thames Reach Chief Executive Jeremy Swain.

Once he got over being ditched for Mel and Sue, Jonathan had his preconceptions challenged further when he met former Thames Reach service user Michael, who shared his experiences of sleeping rough in London. Jonathan learned how dangerous it can be to give money to people who beg, allowing them to buy the drugs or super-strength alcohol that could kill them.

Although the videos take a lighthearted approach, homelessness is a harsh reality for far too many people. Last year 8,096 people slept rough on the streets of London, with 43% suffering from an alcohol problem, 31% from a severe drug dependency, and 46% from mental ill-health.

Thames Reach is grateful to have this opportunity to work with Jonathan Pie and his crew to highlight this appalling situation and help show the general public what can be done.

Comic Relief has been a great supporter of Thames Reach’s work not only in trying to end the disgrace of people sleeping rough on the streets, but also to help people fulfil their aspirations, find employment, and move forward with their lives.

In addition to supporting Comic Relief and the great work they do to tackle homelessness, you can also donate to Thames Reach and support us directly; every penny that you donate goes directly towards the work we do helping people off the streets and into employment.

Thames Reach takes no responsibility for the big red paint stain on Jonathan’s suit.

You can watch the Comic Relief film featuring Jonathan Pie and Thames Reach here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

You can support Thames Reach's work by donating here.

You can donate to Comic Relief here.