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Monday 20 November 2017
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Personal stories

A montage of family photographs
At Thames Reach, we believe that every individual we help has a story that's worth telling.

It's only by listening to these stories that we can help people rebuild their lives.

Read or listen to stories by the people who use our services, staff and volunteers.

Local support

Stephen has been able to turn his life around with the support and encouragement he's received at Thames Reach's Sutton Reach project.

Innovative housing alliance builds hope

Having privacy and a place to call home is Elaine’s dream.

A life not forgotten

Given the transient lives many homeless people lead, their links with family and old friends are often lost. When they die, their life story remains unheard.

A new attitude to life

Since the age of 14, Mick has lived on and off the streets, drinking himself to oblivion to get to sleep at night. Mick now has a home and has been sober for over a year. He is also spent time volunteering for Thames Reach.

A trip to the sea

A total change of scene is like a breath of fresh air. Day trips organised by Thames Reach can help to give people a different perspective on their situation.

A visit to Buckingham Palace

Formerly homeless Thames Reach service user Andrew Wythe spent the day taking a guided tour of Buckingham Palace, something that has been a long held ambition for Andrew.

Art from the street
During his years of living on the street, George Westren visited many art galleries – to sleep.

Getting back in touch

Gillian lives at the Bermondsey Project, specialist housing run by Thames Reach where she gets support for her mental health issues. Staff there help residents to work through their problems, become more independent and improve their well-being.

Changing lives
Listen to audio from men and women who attended Chatbout 2006, the conference for people who use Thames Reach's services.

Down on the farm

Thames Reach's Jeanne-Marie Czemerys spent the day volunteering with the farm project. This is her account of the day.

Hidden heroes

Thames Reach Communications Team volunteer Amy joined London Street Rescue on an outreach shift. This is Amy’s account of the evening.

Homeless at Christmas
People who are homeless or isolated can often find the festive season a particularly difficult and lonely time of year. 

I'm enjoying living again

Former rough sleeper Aldivinas Tijunaitis has come a long way since he was helped off the streets by homeless charity Thames Reach’s London Street Rescue team.

I've never been happier
After leaving home following family problems, Danielle spent months moving around Norfolk and Essex trying to find accommodation anywhere she could. Just after her 18th birthday, Danielle found herself bedding down in a church doorway in Essex.

Keeping busy
Dennis was shortlisted for the Third Sector Excellence Award’s ‘Volunteer of the Year’. A former rough sleeper who struggled with an addiction to alcohol, Dennis completed the TRaVEL volunteering scheme. Generously, he now continues to donate his time to Thames Reach.

Making a difference

Thames Reach fundraiser Milton Bevan recently went out with Thames Reach’s London Street Rescue outreach service, working as a volunteer for the night. London Street Rescue staff and volunteers are outevery night of the year, across the capital helping rough sleepers off the streets and into accommodation.