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Friday 17 November 2017
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A new attitude to life

Photograph of a man in a football jersey

Since the age of 14, Mick has lived on and off the streets, drinking himself to oblivion to get to sleep at night.

Mick now has a home and has been sober for over a year. He is also spent time volunteering for Thames Reach.

Listen to Mick talk about why he slept rough, what it was like, and the "scariest experience" of his life that led him to seek a more settled lifestyle.

Mick's story, recorded October 2006
Mick's story, recorded October 2006 - [4.00 MB] Listen to this four-and-a-half minute audio clip of Mick talking about sleeping rough, serving in the army, his alcoholism, and how he is changing his attitude to life.
(If you cannot hear the audio, read the transcript from the link on the left.)