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Friday 17 November 2017
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Changing lives

Photograph of a man speaking into a microphone held by a woman
Conducting the vox pop interviews

Listen to audio from men and women who attended Chatbout 2006, the conference for people who use Thames Reach's services.

A 'voxpop' was taken at lunchtime, where people were asked: "What change would make the biggest difference in your life?"

Their varied and interesting responses can be heard in this three-minute audio clip.

Chatbout voxpop, recorded September 2006
Chatbout voxpop, recorded September 2006 - [2.77 MB] At Chatbout we asked men and women what change would make the biggest difference in their lives. Listen to the three-minute audio file of their varied responses.

(If you cannot hear the audio, read the transcript from the link on the left.)