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Saturday 18 November 2017
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Read news, articles and features in the local and national press featuring the work of Thames Reach.


Thames Reach in the news

19/04/17: The Financial Times ran an article citing Thames Reach's advice on how the public can help by not giving money to people begging.

The Enfield Independent reported on how Thames Reach is set to deliver a new programme to tackle rough sleeping in Haringey, after funding was secured from the Department of Communities and Local Government

The Guardian careers page ran a feature on the work done by staff at the Thames Reach Shroton Street hostel, with a particular focus on work helping residents with poor mental health.

A resident at Thames Reach's Robertson Street hostel was featured in the BBC3 documentary series Drugs Map of Britain, in an episode highlighting the dangers of super-strength alcohol.

Thames Reach Chief Executive Jeremy Swain was quoted in the Guardian on the subject of super-strength lagers and ciders.

Thames Reach staff and clients were quoted in the Observer in a piece on the prevalence of Spice usage among London's rough sleeping population.

The BBC news website published a piece reporting on the levels of poor mental health among rough sleepers after spending three months following Thames Reach's outreach team in Tower Hamlets.

31/08/16: The BBC national news broadcast a film covering Thames Reach's unique, ongoing work in Tower Hamlets helping rough sleepers with mental health problems.

Healthcare professionals website OnMedica looks at how the health and voluntary sectors can work together, using the Lambeth Collaborative as a positive example.

A piece in the Huffington Post cited the Lambeth Collaborative as an example of how organisations in the health and voluntary sectors can work together.

17/05/16: Operation Alabama discovers four men living inside the structure of one of London's busiest flyovers. Covered in the Evening Standard.

31/05/16: Operation Alabama covered in the Newham Recorder.

The Independent sought reaction to the 2016 Budget statement at Thames Reach's Graham House hostel.

The pioneering Laptops for Homeless Initiative was covered in the Evening Standard.

02/03/16: The Metro ran a piece quoting Thames Reach on the dangers of giving money to people begging,

02/03/16: Thames Reach Chief Executive Jeremy Swain was quoted in the Evening Standard regarding the public giving money to people begging.

The Sun quoted Thames Reach Chief Executive Jeremy Swain on why the public shouldn't give money to people begging.

08/02/2016: An article in the Independent on rough sleeping in Sussex which quotes Thames Reach.

22/01/16: The Guardian ran a piece detailing how the public can help rough sleepers, citing research and advice published by Thames Reach

08/02/15: The Independent on Sunday looks at the work of Thames Reach’s London Street Rescue and how emergency measures are brought in during spells of severe cold weather in the capital.

01/02/15: A letter by Thames Reach Chief Executive Jeremy Swain on drinks industry self-regulatory body the Portman Group upholding Thames Reach's complaint regarding the regarding the packaging and promotion of cans of super-strength lager features in The Grocer magazine.

25/01/15: The Independent on Sunday ran a news story on the pioneering use of on-site psychologists in hostels and the changes to the lives of the residents.

20/01/15: Wandsworth Guardian reporter Sophia Sleigh wrote up and published a feature on her night spent with a Thames Reach London Street Rescue outreach shift.

16/01/15: Many publications, including The Grocer, reported on drinks industry self-regulatory body the Portman Group upholding Thames Reach's complaint regarding the regarding the packaging and promotion of cans of super-strength lager by some of the biggest drinks companies in the UK.

30/07/14: Providence Row, Thames Reach’s Tower Hamlets SORT, the London Housing Foundation and the council all get quoted and mentioned in a double page spread in this week’s East End Life.


27/07/14: Thames Reach feature in the Sunday Mirror to issue a warning over the re-emergence of the 10% super-strength Crest Super lager.

29/05/14: Thames Reach was been at the centre of media storm after an outreach worker with London Street Rescue helped rescue Chancellor George Osborne’s cat. Outreach worker Kate Jones found the distressed cat Freya on the streets of Vauxhall, cared for it overnight and arranged for its return to Downing Street. Read more in the Guardian,, The Telegraph and The Evening Standard.

28/01/14: The BBC website features an article about growing concerns about Romanian and Bulgarian migrants being exploited for their casual labour, with a quote from Thames Reach director Audrey Mitchell.

06/12/13: The Guardian features a comment piece by Dave Hill in on the issue of begging which draws on the messages Thames Reach has been putting out about the subject over the last ten years.

28/11/13: The Times newspaper covers the issue of begging in the capital, quoting Thames Reach.

25/10/13: Jeremy Swain’s column in Inside Housing covers the issue of begging.

02/09/13: The New Statesman covered the issue of forced labour and trafficking among homeless people from Central and Eastern Europe.

30/08/13: Inside Housing reports on the Thames Reach payment by results scheme helping rough sleepers escape homelessness.

26/07/13: Jeremy Swain’s latest Inside Housing column.

30/05/13:The Waltham Forest Guardian reports on a homeless man in Walthamstow helped by the regulars and management of a local pub alongside Thames Reach’s Gary Bird from our London Street Rescue service

16/04/13: TheGuardian website features an article by Thames Reach's Bill Tidnam about a new Thames Reach scheme called Peer Landlord Croydon which aims to provide affordable housing for people escaping homelessness and which will renovate empty homes in the borough.

15/04/13: This week’s Big Issue magazine features an article about the new Thames Reach Ace project.

10/04/13: The Sun newspaper features Thames Reach Chief Executive, Jeremy Swain who is quoted on the increase in the number of homeless people as a result of policies implemented by the Margaret Thatcher Government.

28/03/13: Inside Housing covers the ‘axing of government homelessness advisors’. The article contains a quote from Thames Reach's chief Executive Jeremy Swain expressing his concerns.

09/03/13: The Haringey Independent features cyclist Tom Cox's fundraising drive in aid of Thames Reach.

05/03/13: The Dulwich OnView website looks at the launch of the new Aspire sculpture at Thames Reach's Employment Academy.

01/03/13: Jeremy Swain’s latest Inside Housing column on the need for local authorities to provide consistent, knowledgeable support for homeless people seeking help.

31/01/13: BBC London News reports on a new homeless health trial Thames Reach is involved with in Tower Hamlets.

28/01/13: Jeremy Swain writes in Inside Housing about the challenges facing two of his Thames Reach colleagues.

12/12/12: London Housing News reports on the Thames Reach response to the cold weather and its work in helping rough sleepers get inside somewhere safe and warm.

07/12/12: The 24 Dash website reports on the transformation of Thames Reach's Waterloo Project hostel.

29/11/12: The Streatham Guardian reports on the drive by Lambeth Council and Thames Reach to reduce homelessness in the borough.

29/11/12: 24 Dash reports on Thames Reach's call to support minimum pricing and the fact that super-strength drinks are taking more lives among homeless people than crack and heroin.

23/11/12: The South London Press covered Thames Reach's service user conference that was held at the new Employment Academy.

23/11/12: A number of major publications covered the story about new forms of social investment which are being developed to help rough sleepers in the capital, which Thames Reach is part of, including the Guardian, the Evening Standard, Civil Society and Third Sector magazine.

16/11/12: Jeremy Swain writes for Inside Housing on women rough sleepers.


15/11/12: Inside Housing reports on an innovative new scheme at Thames Reach's Waterloo Project hostel that helps former rough sleepers turn their lives around and sustain accommodation.

24/10/12: The Metropolitan Police website features an article looking at Thames Reach's work with the police to target the issue of begging in Lambeth.


21/10/12: An article published in Scotland on Sunday features Thames Reach's super-strength campaign.


23/10/12: The London SE1 community website reports on efforts by Lambeth Council, Thames Reach and Lambeth Police to get persistent and aggressive beggars off the streets of Lambeth.

19/10/12: Inside Housing reports on the Greenhouse project run by Thames Reach and NHS North East London and the City, picking up a prize at the Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards.

16/10/12: The Guardian looks at how deadly super-strength alcohol is affecting homeless men and women including residents at Thames Reach's Graham House hostel.

12/10/12: Jeremy Swain writes for Inside Housing on an inspiring visit to the USA.

09/10/12: The London SE1 website features a story about how two former rough sleepers being helped by Lambeth SORT recently visited the London Eye.


08/10/12: FormerPremier League football boss 'Deadly' Doug Ellis is revealed to be behind Frosty Jack's super-strength cider in the Independent.


06/10/12: The Independent reports on how super-strength lager is causing more harm than crack or heroin.


03/10/12: Daily Mail backs down over false homelessness claims


03/10/12: Inside Housing reports on the Daily Mail admitting errors in an article on homelessness.


30/09/12: The Observer reports on the rise in 'slavery' trafficking of homeless by gangs.


27/09/12: The London SE1 community website reports on work being done by Thames Reach’s Lambeth SORT with rough sleepers in the borough.


25/09/12: The Guardian reports as Ipswich tries to curb street drinkers by banning super-strength cider and beer.


19/09/12: BBC London reports on how sixteen men sleeping rough under a bridge in west London have been arrested.


02/09/12: South London's News Shopper reports on how Thames Reach worker Mark Smith has been commended by the Mayor of Greenwich for his services helping London's homeless.


10/08/12: Inside Housing features an article on the health problems of hostel residents.


05/08/12: The Huffington Post features a video interview with Jeremy Swain as he talks about Thames Reach and rough sleeping in London.


01/08/12: The Guardian reports on how councils are preparing for a spike in rough sleeping during the Olympic Games.


27/07/12: Jeremy Swain writes in Inside Housing about his visit to the new Peer Landlord project and the benefits of low key support.


12/07/12: The Independent features a blog looking at the issue of rough sleepers being targeted to work as modern day slaves.


05/07/12: Inside Housing reports on the Press Complaints Commission investigating a Daily Mail article after a complaint from Thames Reach.


27/06/12: BBC London News features Jeremy Swain speaking about Thames Reach's London Reconnection Project and the work they are doing to help Central and Eastern European rough sleepers.


16/06/12: The Independent reports on how former rough sleeper Jimmy Carlson is to receive an OBE for his services to helping homeless people.


08/06/12: Jeremy Swain writes in Inside Housing about how homelessness figures are measured.


03/05/12: The Camden New Journal reports on how homeless drinkers are targetting a Camden hospital for alcohol-based hand gel.


27/02/12: Inside Housing looks at a new campaign run by Thames Reach and The Passage that aims to educate people coming to the UK about the dangers of ending up sleeping rough on the streets.


24/02/12: Inside Housing reports on the new Thames Reach and Commonweal Housing Peer Landlord London project.


15/02/12: As the government announces plans to launch an alcohol strategy, Inside Housing reports on Thames Reach's call for an increase in taxation on super-strength drinks.


01/02/12: 24 Dash reports on Thames Reach's London Street Rescue service going out on extra shifts during the current freezing conditions.


31/01/12: As freezing weather hits the capital, Inside Housing reports how Thames Reach is increasing the number of outreach shifts working to get rough sleepers off the streets.


27/01/12: Jeremy Swain writes in Inside Housing about the plight of Polish rough sleeper, Jan.


31/12/11: BBC News reports on Groundswell's Homeless Health Peer Advocacy scheme.


22/12/11: Inside Housing reports on how Thames Reach and Housing Justice have joined forces to support homeless people.


20/12/11: Joanna Lumley features in Inside Housing as she backs Thames Reach's Christmas appeal.


26/11/11: The Mail's You magazine features an interview with Thames Reach service user Greer about her experiences of homelessness.


25/11/11: Jeremy Swain writes in Inside Housing about the media and its portrayal of the homeless.


28/10/11: Inside Housing report on the partnership between Thames Reach and Groundswell.


18/09/11: The Guardian reports on how gangs are preying on vulnerable people sleeping rough in UK cities and forcing them to work for nothing.


14/09/11: Thames Reach's Mike Nicholas writes in the Huffington Post about modern day slavery is rearing its ugly head in cities across the UK as reports of unscrupulous gangs targeting rough sleepers have started to emerge.


12/09/11: BBC London reports on howsome of the most vulnerable members of society are being taken off the streets and imprisoned against their will.


03/08/11: South London's News Shopper paper looks at Thames Reach's successful Lewisham Reach service that helps vulnerable people in an aim to prevent homelessness.

Joanna Lumley and Dennis Rogers
Joanna Lumley with Thames Reach service user Dennis Rogers at the launch of the drive to end rough sleeping in Lambeth