World Hunger Day – Thank you!

We are marking World Hunger Day by highlighting the work of the Good Eating Company, who have generously donated over 2,500 freshly prepared meals since lockdown for those in need

World Hunger Day – Thank you!

As part of World Hunger Day, Thames Reach would like to thank those who have donated large numbers of meals to feed the homeless and vulnerable people using our services during the current pandemic.

The Good Eating Company, based in East London, are one such generous donor. They have donated over 2,500 meals to Thames Reach, which have been distributed to people using the following services: TST, Thames Reach Greenwich, Waterloo Project, Robertson Street hostel, Lambeth Night Shelter and Martha Jones House. As a result, hundreds of vulnerable people have been able to enjoy nutritious meals cooked by talented chefs; we are incredibly grateful for their generosity during this difficult time. We spoke with Chris Daynes, the company’s Director of Food & Development.

 Tell us about the Good Eating Company and how you got started

The Good Eating Company (GEC) was started in 1999 to provide a bespoke workplace dining solution for clients who wanted more than just a ’canteen’. Our focus was and still is to use the best seasonal ingredients and to work with local suppliers to create the definitive standard in work place dining. Seasonal, simple and fabulous! I started with the GEC in 2003 as a head chef and now I’m the Director of Food & Development.

How did you hear about Thames Reach and what made you think of Thames Reach?
I have heard about the work you do through various media outlets. I was also aware of Thames Reach because some of our team have been exploring various ways of us working together to help get people back on their feet. So when we had an opportunity to do something to help people going through difficulties during this crisis, Thames Reach were very much in our thoughts.

How many meals have you and your team given to those in need since lockdown?
We have sent out around 2,500 in total. We have such a talented team of chefs and managers that were more than happy to get involved with such a worthwhile cause.

Your brand is ‘Healthy and Happy’, what are your top tips for keeping healthy and happy in these challenging times?  

‘Healthy and Happy’ is an ethos we instil in our approach to what we cook. Providing food that is good to eat and good for you makes for a happy workforce. That is not to say we don’t do naughty as well, who doesn’t love a great burger! It’s about balance and giving people choice and having certain menu items described as ’Healthy and Happy’ gives our customers a more informed choice. My own tips for keeping healthy and happy during lockdown? Well, keep your meals fresh and simple. With most people having more time on their hands I hope preparing fresh, from-scratch food will become the norm and continue long after we start getting back to some kind of normal. I really hope this could be one of the lessons we can learn from this incredibly challenging situation.

The Good Eating Company made a short video on Instagram TV about the process of making and donating fresh meals to Thames Reach residents and service users. They also have a great Vimeo page full of expert advice for perfecting simple recipes at home.

Other meals for residents in the Covid hotel system have been supplied by Greater London Authority, and their chosen caterer, Red Radish. They have to date provided over 258,000 meals for those in need and volunteers since lockdown began. We also thank them for this essential work.