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Winter Campaign 2020-21

Support our work helping homeless and vulnerable people this winter

This winter, we’re highlighting the work we’re doing to prevent people from becoming homeless. Life on the streets is incredibly damaging to people’s health, and a vital part of what we do is preventing vulnerable people from sleeping rough in the first place.

Prevention work is varied, and includes schemes such as our Hard to Reach Fund, which provides small grants to people to help them overcome barriers, such as through purchasing a train ticket or new clothes; and also our TRaVEL programme, a volunteering course aimed at building people’s self-confidence and basic skills.

As a society we have heard the desire to emerge from the pandemic and go “back to normal”, but in doing so we ignore the ongoing, and often systematic, challenges faced by those for whom the “normal” does not work.

Equipped with the lessons learned from the pandemic and its lockdowns, at Thames Reach we are working with people and looking forward, not back, towards #ABetterNormal.

Please donate today, and support homeless and vulnerable people this winter.