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Shroton Street

Poor mental health and drug and alcohol problems can often be the causes of someone sleeping rough, so providing specialist support, alongside accommodation, is an important factor in helping people escape homelessness.

Shroton Street in Westminster has 12 bedrooms for former rough sleepers, who are particularly withdrawn or socially isolated, each assigned a member of staff who encourages them to engage with the services that can help them. Shroton Street provides a psychologically ‘informed’ environment that provides a particular insight for people suffering with personality disorders or poor mental health.

The project successfully works with some of the more long-term, entrenched and isolated rough sleepers who find a busy hostel too traumatic, or for stable individuals needing a quieter project. Residents work closely with their keyworker to develop their life skills and form positive relationships.

Residents are helped to sign up with a GP, use substance misuse services, improve their life skills such as budgeting, and to explore training and work opportunities.

A nearby building with four self-contained flats is now home for seven former rough sleepers. Staff from the Shroton Street hostel visit regularly to provide support.

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