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Moving In Moving On

For some, learning a practical skill is a great way of building confidence.

The Thames Reach Moving In Moving On course (MIMO) started off as a basic skills programme for people moving into their new home. Many new places need redecorating, which can be expensive but being able to decorate your own home offers more than just saving money, it provides a real sense of achievement.

More recently, Thames Reach has seen the value of offering the course to people looking to get back in to work. For some people a classroom based training course does not suit their particular learning style, which can be extremely disheartening whereas a practical activity can really showcase a person’s abilities. Whether their interest is in working in the construction industry or a different field, the confidence gained achieving something meaningful and the basic skills gained in time-keeping, team working and communication will provide a solid foundation for the next stage in their career development.

The MIMO course lasts six weeks, and comprises two weeks of training in the workshop at the Employment Academy followed by four weeks on site at a building project in the local area. Those that complete the course get to keep their toolkit and overalls and, if interested, can be helped onto further accredited painting and decorating programmes.

The course is suitable for all, regardless of previous experience. For those that would prefer, there is a programme of women-only courses run periodically throughout the year.

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