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Newham A&E Diversion Project

People frequently attending A&E can put a strain on the NHS. This can be addressed by making sure people get the right support before health emergencies arise.

Many homeless and vulnerable people struggle with health issues that see them frequently attending A&E. The high volume of these visits can put a strain on hospital services and can be reduced by providing people with preventative, interventional services that get them the healthcare and support they need before health emergencies arise.

Newham A&E Diversion Project works closely with GPs and hospitals, aiming to reduce the amount of people frequently attending accident and emergency units within the London Borough of Newham, and making sure that vulnerable people get a wide range of more appropriate support instead.

As well as helping clients to access appropriate healthcare, and meeting other support needs around drugs and alcohol and mental health issues, the team also provides floating support services and helps clients to maintain their tenancies, manage their finances, resolve benefit issues, and access employment, education and training opportunities.

To make a referral to the Newham A&E Diversion Project, please call 07436 560277 or email