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Three Dimensions for Long-Term Conditions

Recognising the connection between mental health, physical health and social care needs can lead to faster recovery for patients and a better quality of life.

Three Dimensions for Long Term Conditions (3DLC) sees a Thames Reach staff member working alongside a psychologist and a psychiatrist at King’s College Hospital and Guy’s Hospital, providing additional support to vulnerable hospital patients.

Long-term conditions, which require significant self-management, are exacerbated when a patient suffers with a mental health problem. However, there is often no psychological or social care integrated into the physical health treatment.

Building on a model initially designed to care for patients with diabetes, this service has been scaled up to now work with people with lung disease, heart failure and hypertension. The aim to improve the health and wellbeing of people living with these long-term conditions, addressing the physical condition whilst improving mental health, social functioning and on-going access to treatment.

The team also works closely with clinicians at these hospitals, sharing skills and knowledge so that they are also able to provide mental health and personal support to vulnerable patients, as well as tending to their long-term health conditions.