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Rough sleeper social impact bond

People who have been living on the streets for a long time can sometimes require a specialist service to help them.

The Thames Reach SIB (Social Impact Bond) service works with entrenched rough sleepers who have been on the streets for years and for whom other forms of engagement haven’t worked.

This service puts a special emphasis on building trust, working with people who are living on the streets over time, and then eventually helping them into temporary accommodation and on to secure accommodation.

Flexibility is key to this service, and staff are able to make bespoke purchases and can access to a range of short-term accommodation options for their clients. They work together to find the best solution to the client’s particular needs and help them move away from the street in a sustainable way.

This service works with some of the most vulnerable people sleeping on the streets of London and is a vital part of Thames Reach’s outreach services network.

This service is funded by Social Investment Bond based upon a payment by results (PbR) structure. A Social Impact Bond is a public-private partnership that funds effective social services through a performance-based contract. Social Impact Bonds enable local governments to partner with high-performing service providers by using private investment to develop, coordinate, or expand effective programs.

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