Celebrating our volunteers

Find out how volunteering with Thames Reach transformed Avishai’s life and see how you can make a difference too.

Celebrating our volunteers

As we celebrate Volunteers’ Week, we at Thames Reach want to shine a light on the incredible impact volunteers have on our mission to end rough sleeping. More than 130 volunteers add huge value to what we do, offering their time, skills, and compassion to support people experiencing homelessness.

Today, we’d like to share the story of one of our dedicated volunteers, Avishai, who joined Thames Reach as a digital volunteer with the Employment and Skills team last year.

Avishai’s story

Avishai started volunteering with Thames Reach in March 2023 after he learned about the opportunity at a lunch club in a homeless shelter. Since then, he has become an integral part of our Employment & Skills team, using his tech expertise to provide digital assistance to those we support.

Once every week, Avishai arrives at the Employment Academy ready to assist with a range of digital tasks. From setting up accounts to repairing devices, he provides crucial digital assistance to the individuals we support. His role also involves interacting with these individuals, a responsibility that initially made him hesitant, but now has become a rewarding part of his weekly routine.

Avishai shared, “In the last month, people have been asking specifically for me, which I am not used to”. This growing connection with the team and the people we support at Thames Reach highlights the positive impact he has made.

Personal and professional growth

Volunteering at Thames Reach has been a transformative experience for Avishai. With the guidance of the Employment & Skills team, he has learned to conduct himself professionally, understanding the importance of representing Thames Reach with integrity and respect. “Even as a volunteer, I represent Thames Reach, and if I don’t act professionally, I might give clients a bad impression of the organisation”, he reflected.

The skills Avishai developed through his volunteering have been key in helping him secure a paid job doing digital repairs. “In my paid job, even if I had the technical knowledge, nothing would get done if I didn’t know how to communicate effectively. And I wouldn’t be conducting myself the same way if it weren’t for this experience as a Thames Reach volunteer and the skills I gained from it”, he explains.

A heartfelt thanks to all our volunteers

Avishai’s story is just one example of the incredible impact our volunteers have. Whether they are helping with outreach, assisting with employment and skills, or providing vital support to one of our services, each volunteer contributes significantly to our mission. We are deeply grateful for their dedication, compassion, and hard work.

Inspired by Avishai’s journey? There are many ways to get involved with Thames Reach. Whether you have technical skills, enjoy outreach work, or want to support our mission in other ways, we have an opportunity for you. As Avishai wisely advises, “Everyone’s role is important; you just need to find what fits your characteristics”.

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Happy Volunteers’ Week!