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Winter Campaign 2018-19

Thames Reach’s winter campaign film 2018-19 highlights the many challenges still facing people once they have left the streets, and how Thames Reach supports formerly homeless people once they are in accommodation

Rough sleeping is a crisis that impacts all aspects of life. However, leaving the streets is only the start of a complicated journey away from homelessness.

This year Thames Reach is raising awareness about the long-term complications that arise from sleeping rough and how this can make it difficult for former rough sleepers to hold on to their home once they have left the streets.

Poor health, on-going issues with substance use,  and social isolation are serious problems that can impact someone’s ability to maintain stable accommodation.

Thames Reach understands that ending street homelessness means much more than just finding people accommodation, it means providing long-term and bespoke support that slowly builds confidence and the resilience needed to establish a new life.

Access to primary health care is essential, as is reconnecting with family, developing new friendships, and securing long term employment. Thames Reach works with former rough sleepers to help them achieve the independence and self-assurance to sustain a life away from the street.

Catherine Parsons, Director of Operations at Thames Reach, says: “At Thames Reach, we work to get people off the streets and into accommodation but for some people who have slept rough for a long time, getting inside is just the start of their journey to recovery.

“Our new winter video reflects some of the enduring challenges people can face after they have left the streets. This can include poor physical health, social isolation and dependence.

“It’s important to recognise that sometimes, a person’s problems aren’t resolved when they move away from the streets, and here at Thames Reach we work with people to ensure they get the support that they need to move away from homelessness and lead a fulfilling life.”

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