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Help someone recover from homelessness this Christmas

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This winter, will you help turn an empty and bare flat into a home? When people who have been homeless finally get off the streets, they often find themselves in accommodation with no furniture apart from a bed. Simple, everyday items that we all need, such as bedding and crockery can make a huge difference when someone is rebuilding their life. 

Our Home Starter Kits help people who have been homeless turn an empty flat into a home. 

Will you help someone get back on their feet after being homeless? Help fund one of our Home Starter Kits today.

A cup


A gift of £15 could purchase a kit that contains items such as a plate, bowl, and mug.



A gift of £45 could purchase a kit that contains items such as a duvet, pillows, bed sheet and duvet.



A gift of £100 could purchase a kit that contains items such as a kettle, crockery, bedding, pots and pans and a small home comfort such as a pair of slippers.

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Choose your own amount

Any donation that you make today will help us fund our Home Starter Kits and help vulnerable people recovering from homelessness across London.

Evert's story

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After injuring his shoulder, Evert was unable to work at his job as a bus driver. Life at home became difficult, his marriage broke down and this had a knock-on effect on the mental health of his two daughters which meant he had to leave. At first, Evert sofa-surfed at friends’ houses, but soon found himself sleeping rough on the streets, often in harsh weather conditions. His health deteriorated, he became anemic, depressed and demoralised. 

It was while at a local food bank, that Evert met Jenny, a Thames Reach support worker, who helped him get a flat and provide him with a Home Starter Kit. Evert’s flat was empty apart from a bed. The kit meant Evert could have a few simple home comforts such as a duvet and bedding to help start rebuilding his life. 

Evert is now feeling hopeful for the future and the doctor has confirmed he’ll be able to start work again by the end of the year.

“When I met Jenny, she gave me hope to continue. Now, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

By donating to fund a Home Starter Kit you are helping support people who are recovering from homelessness. Our kits are real items that are provided to the people we support, but everyone’s needs are different and we will use your donation where it is needed the most.

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Donate now and help people like Evert have a fresh start.