Jasmine’s story

Jasmine’s mental health was suffering when she was struggling to feed her family. Through support from Deptford Reach, she was able to lessen the strain while her husband was unable to work

Jasmine’s story

Jasmine recently came into contact with Deptford Reach through their community outreach, making sure people in the community are receiving the support they need, such as maintaining tenancies, keeping track of financies and mental health. Deptford Reach are making a huge impact in Lewisham by being visible at food banks and other hubs in the area. In her own words, Jasmine talks about the support she has received from Deptford Reach, particularly support worker Shana.

“For over two years I have been struggling day-to-day. I had recently got married to my husband who isn’t from this country, so it took a long time for him to get authorisation to work. Eventually this took a toll on me as I was working part time with two children and a husband to feed. Due to the fact I was married, all my benefits were reduced even though my husband was not earning and he wasn’t entitled to benefits. I was left in despair and this affected my mental health to the point I would spend all day crying and feeling suicidal.

“I began visiting a food bank in Lewisham, but would just take my food and go, until one day I couldn’t contain my emotions and burst into tears. Someone working there took me to one side and asked how they could help.

“Then I was referred to a staff member from Deptford Reach called Shana. As a sufferer of mental health, namely depression, I was in tears and felt in a low mood, but Shana put me at ease straight away. Because of my financial struggle I explained my situation and was relieved to be told I could claim Universal Credit, which I wasn’t aware of. I was booked in the following week where I was assisted in completing the claim.

“My claim was accepted and I now have help paying my rent and still have a small amount of spare change to feed my family.

“I am very relieved that I now finally have extra financial support which has taken the stress away, that had been pushing me down for so long. I have Deptford Reach to thank for that.”