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Donate now and help someone sleeping rough in cold weather

Right now the temperatures are plummeting outside. Icy winds, bitterly cold temperatures, the thermometer falling below zero. Sleeping rough is always dangerous, but freezing cold weather can mean life or death for people living on the streets. 

No one should have to sleep rough 

Our outreach team are out every night of the year, helping people on the streets find a safe and warm place to stay. In severe cold weather, we work tirelessly to contact everyone sleeping rough in London and find them emergency accommodation. 

Please donate now and help someone sleeping rough this winter get in from the cold.

A warm meal of sausage, beans and toast


could help buy someone a hot meal as they seek shelter from the cold

A washing machine with a pile of clothes on top


could help provide a someone with new warm clothing as they recover

Tent in a tunnel on a cold night


could help cover a rough sleeper’s initial assessment and their first steps away from homelessness

A kitchen with microwave, sink and tea towels


could help cover the costs of someone moving into temporary accommodation

Donate today

A little goes a long way

Donate now and help people to escape cold weather this winter