Helping people gain confidence and enter employment

Perfecta, our Newcomer to Volunteering award winner, talks about her experience helping people apply for jobs

Helping people gain confidence and enter employment

We recently celebrated the incredible work of our 244 volunteers with a summer party at our Employment Academy offices. As part of the event, several volunteers were awarded with prizes after being nominated by employees at Thames Reach for their extra efforts. We spoke with Perfecta, who won the Newcomer to Volunteering Award. By supporting people in their job applications and interview technique, she is contributing to the essential work being done to prevent homelessness.

“I’ve been helping people with the preparation and advice they need before applying for and starting work. I meet with them to talk through employment options, and discuss what they want to do, and see if they need any help in getting there. The support they need can look so many different ways, and we do mock interviews and have more informal conversations to boost confidence.

“My favourite part of volunteering is knowing that I’ve helped someone. I have a varied background, having studied law but ending up in the fashion industry, but I’m still interested in social work, and giving something back is really important to me. I used to volunteer with my Dad when I was younger, and before coming to Thames Reach, I wanted to get back into it.

“I really enjoy meeting different people, and being able to help in small ways, even if it’s just helping someone fill in an application form.

“Volunteering has helped me understand different people’s struggles and challenges. You hear a lot about homelessness, and unemployment, but it’s good to see what happens behind the scenes. There is so much positive work happening to make people who have been struggling feel more confident, whether that is with housing or jobs, and it’s great to be a part of that.

“To anyone thinking about volunteering, I’d say definitely go for it. It has made me more of a people person, and has made me more caring towards other people. It’s so rewarding when you can see how your efforts have changed someone’s situation.”

Here is Perfecta’s nomination for the Newcomer to Volunteering Award, made by Thames Reach colleague Kandeel: “Perfecta lends her expertise to support people with crucial aspects [of job-searching] such as CV writing and applications. Her assistance extends beyond the people we work with, as she has also displayed remarkable abilities in providing administrative support to the team. She is willing to accomplish any duty handed to her, and to help anyone. Her willingness to go above and beyond in supporting others is a true testament to her character and dedication.”

Congratulations, Perfecta!

If you are interested in volunteering with any of our projects across Thames Reach, please visit our Volunteering page.