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Moving on from homelessness

‘Moving on’ from street homelessness is a delicate process with a thousand stories; no two are quite the same, This year, our winter campaign looks at the different stories of people on their journey of moving on from street homelessness, with the help of different Thames Reach services.

Moving On from Homelessness - Rapid Response Team

Moving On from Homelessness - Brent Reach

This winter, we are looking to highlight the work that goes into moving on from street homelessness. As you will discover in the weeks and months ahead, this is so much more than simply having a place to call home: we will be looking at a wide range of our services, including outreach, hostels, and floating support, in order to share the stories of those who are embarking on the next chapter of their lives.

Our first campaign film comes from our Brent Reach floating support service.  As one of our prevention services, Brent Reach provides advice and support to people who are at the risk of losing their home or who are experiencing difficulties with issues such as substance use, physical disability or mental ill-health, and social exclusion.  The vital work that happens at Brent assists vulnerable people to move on from challenging situations and ensures that street homelessness is ultimately prevented, by providing support at the right level and at the right time. People are empowered to  become more independent, and support is also provided to improve their budgeting, develop computer skills, and overcome problems such as depression and substance misuse.

Meet the team as they share their stories and tell you more about Brent Reach, which has adapted to meet government guidelines, but has remained in place for those who need their help the most.

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