Make a donation to Thames Reach.

Thank you for supporting Thames Reach in its work to end street homelessness. Your donation will make a real difference to the lives of people who are struggling to break free.

Your generosity will allow those who are vulnerable to make real and lasting changes in their lives offering them a genuine hope for the future. With your support they can build their self-confidence, develop new skills and become an active part of their community once more.

Last year, we supported over 7000 people to make a change in their lives, your donation will enable Thames Reach to develop new services helping even more vulnerable people to find a decent home, build supportive relationships and lead a fulfilling life.

There are a number of ways that you can donate.

Make a donation

Making a donation today, will help someone move a little bit further away from homelessness… today.

Donate a gift-in-kind

A thoughtful gift-in-kind goes a long way to show someone you care. A gift that is perfect for the specific needs of the individuals in mind is both considerate and personal.

Leave a gift in your will

By leaving a gift to Thames Reach in your will you are helping your family and friends to understand your wishes and you will ensure that your generosity lasts beyond your lifetime and supports a cause that you care deeply about.

Please note, you can cancel your donation at any time by contacting the fundraising team at or on 020 3664 9551.