Corporate support

Corporate support

We believe that successful partnerships between charities and corporations can be a powerful means for change.

A job interview practice taking place at Thames Reach offices

At Thames Reach, we work in collaboration with corporate partners who share our mission– to end street homelessness. By combining your enthusiasm, creativity and drive with our expertise and experience, together we can bring about real and lasting change.

Based on a foundation of shared values and objectives, our dedicated team will work with you to build a mutually-beneficial partnership that engages your people through a programme of pro-bono support, exciting fundraising challenges, and unique volunteering opportunities. For example:

Employment and training opportunities enable our services users to build confidence, develop new skills and escape the cycle of homelessness. Our employment and skills services receive no statutory funding, therefore we rely on partners to provide support to our various programmes: facilitating workshops, acting as peer mentors, providing placement opportunities etc.

Monetary support allows us to develop new and innovative services. Through a corporate donation, we were able to set up our Hard to Reach fund, which gives service users access to small grants to help them overcome short-term problems.

Volunteering provides our services with critical resources and in turn gives the volunteer an opportunity to see first hand what we do. Our corporate partners find volunteering with our outreach team an eye-opening and challenging experience, as they work to provide practical assistance to the vulnerable people they find sleeping rough in the capital.

Pro-bono support and advice can help us save money, which in turn means we can focus spending on our clients. Recently, we worked with a global marketing company to research the giving preferences of individual donors to help us understand our supporters better and provide a more bespoke service, increasing our income through voluntary donations.

To find out more, email and get started on building your partnership programme with Thames Reach today.

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