What is it like to take part in a Challenge Event?

We spoke with Jenny, who ran the Hackney Half Marathon in 2019 in aid of Thames Reach. Now that the weather is improving and events are opening up again, we asked her how she kept up her motivation for this fantastic race.

What is it like to take part in a Challenge Event?

Which challenge did you take part in, and how did you prepare?

I ran the Hackney Half Marathon in May 2019, in aid of Thames Reach’s work. I trained regularly for several months building up to it, increasing my running distances gradually up to around ten or eleven miles. The run on the day is always easier because you’ve got all the support and buzz of the event, which helped me to make it those last few miles on the day!


What inspires you about Thames Reach’s work? 

I’ve been an outreach volunteer with the Rapid Response Team for more than two years now and so I’ve seen first-hand the importance of Thames Reach’s work in supporting people into accommodation and helping them to rebuild their lives. I really appreciate how Thames Reach approaches each client as an individual and without judgement, and the passion that the staff have for the work that they do.

What did you enjoy about the challenge, and would you recommend it to others?

I would definitely recommend the event; there was an amazing buzz on the day in the festival village and all the way round the course. My lasting memory of the day was just after mile 8 when my legs were starting to get a bit tired, I met two women (just members of the public) who were giving out sweets and cheering everyone who passed with incredible enthusiasm! I think that encounter really captured the spirit of the event, it had such a great community feel and positive spirit. It was amazing to be a part of it.

If you’ve been inspired by Jenny’s story and are passionate about ending street homelessness, check out our challenge events and register your interest today. Upcoming scheduled events include the London Duathlon and the London to Brighton Bike Ride, both taking place in September 2021.