Thames Reach Business Plan 2022-25 outlines vision for next three years

New Thames Reach Business Plan outlines the direction for our organisation as we work to end street homelessness in London

Thames Reach Business Plan 2022-25 outlines vision for next three years

We have today published the Thames Reach Business Plan 2022-25, which will set the direction of our organisation over the next three years.

The new Business Plan will see us continue to focus on three main types of service aimed at ending rough sleeping: prevention, intervention, and recovery.

Our vision

Our vision remains a society where street homelessness is ended and nobody need sleep rough on the streets. In pursuit of this vision, our mission is to ensure that every person Thames Reach supports is able to find and sustain a decent home, build supportive relationships, and lead a fulfilling life.

Our services under the new Thames Reach Business Plan

The plan outlines a number of measures by which we will judge the impact of our work. A key of indicator of progress towards the fulfilment of our vision, as outlined in the Business Plan, is the number of people who sleep rough in London. We intend to double the size of our intervention services, such as hostels and outreach work, over the course of the next three years.

We will develop and disseminate new approaches to prevention. This includes the identification of peo­ple at risk, and ways of providing support without people becoming dependent upon it. We aim to become sector leaders in this area of work.

When it comes to our recovery services, we will judge their effectiveness through the number of people successfully moving on from using these services, as they journey on towards independent living.

Thames Reach Chief Executive speaks about the Business Plan

Thames Reach Chief Executive Bill Tidnam said: ‘The 2022-25 Business Plan outlines the direction of travel for Thames Reach over the next three years. It reiterates our commitment to the goal of ending rough sleeping in London and sets out our ambitious plans to support this work; the need for a new approach to prevention; as well as our intention of working with partners to increase our impact and the effectiveness of our services.’

To read the Thames Reach Business Plan 2022-25, click here.

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We’re delighted to publish a review of the work we’ve been doing over the past year

Read the Thames Reach Annual Review 2020-21

Today, we are officially launching our Thames Reach Annual Review 2020-21, highlighting the impact of the work our organisation has been doing between April 2020 and March 2021. The new document, with introductions by Chair of the Board Stephen Howard and Chief Executive Bill Tidnam, goes into detail on how our various services have ben helping homeless and vulnerable people across London, and features case studies and interviews and with staff members, volunteers, and with the people using our services.

As well as features highlighting the work done by services such as STAR and Brokerage and Resettlement in Lambeth, the review also goes into detail on how our staff have adapted to meet the needs of the people we help through the height of the coronavirus pandemic, as we continued to provide essential services to vulnerable people, such as outreach work and running hostels. The document also covers the work we undertook as part of the Government’s Everyone In scheme, where we helped accommodate people sleeping rough in unused hotels during lockdowns.

For all this and more, take a look at the Thames Reach Annual Review 2020-21.