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Brokerage and Resettlement in Lambeth

People living in residential homes or supported housing with mental health support needs can sometimes be held back by a lack of suitable opportunities to live independently.

Sometimes people remain in residential homes or supported housing longer than they need, not because it offers the best type of support but because there are no suitable alternatives.

Brokerage and Resettlement in Lambeth (BRiL) is addressing this by purchasing properties on the open market and letting them to formerly homeless people at an affordable rate.

These flats are offered to people currently in residential care who are ready to live by themselves. Personal assistants help them settle into their new homes, develop the skills to live independently, and to become active in the local community.

BRiL flats also provide longer-term accommodation than most supported housing projects, with residents staying for over two years.

BRiL forms part of the Integrated Personalised Support Alliance (IPSA), which supports people with long-term mental health problems in Lambeth.

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