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Peer Landlord London

People on low incomes, or zero hour contracts are at a higher risk of homelessness because of the high rent levels in London. Peer Landlord London offers a solution.

Peer Landlord London is a model of affordable, shared housing for people who have previously been homeless and are now working, or close to returning to employment. It is designed to help individuals become more independent and to assume responsibilities within a supportive environment.

Each property is assigned a live-in peer landlord, who is responsible for the smooth running of the household, organising the payment of bills, and liaising with Thames Reach.

The peer landlord is also there to offer support and advice to the other tenants.

Thames Reach is able to lease properties from social investors at below the market rate, with rent charges then kept low to ensure that tenants moving towards employment and greater independence have somewhere affordable to live in London.

Peer Landlord London is run in partnership with Commonweal Housing, a charity that seeks to tackle social injustice through the development of innovative housing projects, and Catch 22, a social business providing services that help people in tough situations to turn their lives around.

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